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What's in the Guidebook?

The Blue Mountains is only 90km from Sydney and consists of thousands of square kilometres of rugged, heritage-listed landscapes, deep valleys, sheer cliffs, epic vistas, little villages and forgotten secrets. And we're lucky enough to call it home.

Most Blue Mountains guidebooks only cover the same old sights, so this premium quality 240 page printed coffee-table style Guidebook goes deep and reveals many of the hidden Blue Mountains secrets we've only discovered as locals over the years. Misty, snow dusted landscapes, mysterious amphitheaters, cliff-line waterfalls & waterholes, myriad bushwalking tracks leading to unexpected vistas, cliff-top sunrise brekky spots, plush Hatted restaurants & eclectic coffee shops and the extremist of extreme sports.
Within this beautifully designed Guidebook, you'll find top recommendations for:

• Places to visit and soak up the epic scenery
• Things to do that will raise the pulse
• Places to stay and indulge
• Food and coffee hangs

All illustrated with stunning and inspiring photography by the #lostmtns team, local artists and adventurers. Discover forgotten secrets, favourite hangs, epic landscapes & help support local business. This Guidebook is sure to provide years of activities!

Fires, floods & viruses... 

Good one 2020, all this drama left our Blue Mountains community struggling. This guidebook is helping our beloved home get back on it's feet.

The Australia-wide bush fires ripped through the Blue Mountains with ferocity in summer 2019/20, leaving the landscape scarred and the community battered. When the smoke cleared, the world-famous lookouts, trails and villages were eerily deserted, leaving local businesses decimated. Then a crazy week of torrential rain resulted in raging floods causing road & rail closures, landslides and property damage. (Although, it did put the fires out!)

On top of that came the country-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, forcing local restaurants, cafes, shops, tour-guides and accommodation to shut their doors just as they were trying to get back on their feet. Even though restrictions are now slowly being eased, businesses continue to suffer massive losses and desperately need our support, which is why we this Guidebook has been created.

Do your part to help us recover by purchasing a Guidebook and coming to visit the stunning Blue Mountains!

Who's behind the Guidebook?

This Guidebook has been created by our friends at the #lostmtns team which began as an enthusiastic bunch of Mountain locals with a common passion for getting out exploring and making the most of our epic home. They began sharing their adventures on Instagram in 2017, which quickly gained amazing support and a passionate following across Australia and around the world. 

The team then started tagging their posts with #lostmtns as our Mountain home always seems to have more secrets to reveal. This has since taken on a life of its own, becoming a slogan for what they do with their squad becoming known as the #lostmtns team. 

The #lostmtns team is about places, not people, so they feature themselves very little and try to keep a low key vibe in the community by allowing landscapes and horizon lines, secrets and legends to do the talking.  

The team has spent many muscle-quivering months trekking, abseiling, climbing, camping, photographing, drone piloting, designing, writing, trail-running, legend-hunting, coffee-drinking and falling off skateboards to make this Guidebook as epically informative, entertaining and inspiring as it can be.

They've wrangled the talents of local legends such as photographers Adam Scarf & Simon Carter and designer David Smith from Solitary Fox. The intention was to create a Guidebook that will be the centrepiece of coffee tables for years to come.

We hope this book motivates visitors and locals alike to put down the remote and emerge blinking from virus-imposed isolation, dig deep into the #lostmtns, support local business and create some unforgettable experiences!